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Core Crafting Skills

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What is "Casper Crafts" all about?

This site describes core methods you can use to create and repair everyday objects, make "arts crafts". Traditionally this is called artisan craft. I dev2eloped most of the crafts and techniques on this site to demonstrate easy ways to do complex projects; like pottery and metal casting on a budget starting with mostly raw materials. I believe crafters can gain a greater understanding of their craft by starting from the ground up. I've also added up to date feeds agrigating crafts from all across the web so you can see what other crafters are inspired by right now!

This is a place for fundamental and hard to find ideas, like how to make wicking or pottery on a budget. Making wicking is a standard piece of knowlege for making a lamps. Wicks from the store burn slowly and if you want your homemade wick to burn out slowly then you add salt to your wick. Another general piece of knowlege is that pottery can be low fired in a barbeque grill. Basic ideas like these can open up all sorts of crafts to people. Some of these crafts might be done for art and other for utility. Either way, small ideas can change what people think they can do and that can open up a whole world of posibilities. That's what this site is all about.

There are many different crafting elements I discuss and teach. Fire craft like this Giant magnifying glass is a fun example of how you can use crafts to teach science. I also review unusual and practical applications of craft used around the world like burning dung. Burning dung is an interesting craft, mostly because it gets a laugh. Though in many parts of the world dung is a fuel used for cooking food and heating homes. It takes a lot of creative thinking to imagine burning something like this and yet this is also a core element to the survival and livelyhood for many people around the world.

Making pottery in a barbeque grill is also a fire craft and one that uses "earth" such as hand dug clay. With this you can make buttons, beads, rocket stoves, insulators for electronics and high temperature molds. And so much more... There are many uses for being able to make your own pottery. So this too is a core element.

Core craft techiques, elements are what the projects and content of this site are organised around. There are so many crafts in existance today that crafting can be intimidating. That's why I like to go back to the basics and define the different types of craft so it's easier for you to find the path you're looking for and what's right for you. So I organized the content of the projects around elements everyone is familiar with; things like water, light, gardening/earth. I've found this helps people see how it all fits together in their mind and it's less intimidating to break things down this way.

My goal is to share what I know and to bring together other people's knowledge and ideas for you. The creative arts is an area that is always active and changing. There are new technologies and old that come out of the woodwork everyday. So remember to come back for updates. There will be plenty.

Artisan definition: "An artisan (from Italian: artigiano) is a skilled manual worker who makes items that may be functional or strictly decorative, including furniture, clothing, jewellery, household items, and tools. The term can also be used as an adjective to refer to the craft of hand making food products..."

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