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Collection of craft projects, copper ring and natural amathist, copper crafts, camping crafts, pottery crafts, physics for kids.

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Social Media

Look at me, I forgot my shoes!

Social media is where I post my latest finds, things I find funny and converse with
other crafters. On youtube you'll find my latest adventures and ideas. See my
homemade goggles in action in a polar plunge. Brrr. Meet me in second life.
Live journal is my place to blog, blog, blog!
Want to see what I'm up to? Want to share some ideas?
That's what social media's all about!

Also check out my Massachusetts Craft Blog, for many more interesting projects.
For interesting photos, check out my latest on Deviant Art.

Collection of craft projects, garden crafts, instructables crafts, oil lamps, alcohol lamps, home made candles.

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